Learn how to address the challenges of adding public-key security to small processors

The challenges of securing small processors are well understood - current security solutions that work for large, powerful machines do not fit into the constrained environments of IoT devices like those serviced by the RISC-V community. Constraints like limited ROM, RAM, energy, and time all conspire to prevent the previous generation of asymmetric cryptographic protocols from running effectively.

This presentation delivered by SecureRF CTO Derek Atkins at the 5th RISC-V Workshop in November, 2016  reviews:

  • How constraints in space, time and energy make many public-key security solutions unsuitable for low-resource IoT devices 
  • How SecureRF's Group Theoretic Crytographic (GTC) methods overcome these constraints to provide fast, quantum-resistant, public-key security services for RISC-V processors
  • Performance comparisons of SecureRF's Walnut Digital Signature Algorithm (WalnutDSA™) versus ECDSA

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