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Identification & authentication solution that meets the easy-to-deploy, low-power requirements of IoT edge nodes.

IoT security issues are well known, but not easily addressed. Most security tools use methods that are not well-suited for the low resource 8-,16- or 32- bit devices that are the foundation of the IoT today. These security methods are typically computationally intensive—putting excessive time-to-compute and energy burden on battery-powered devices. SecureRF methods directly address these issues, and this webinar explains how.

 This webinar will cover:

  • An overview of common device-level security and methods for identification and authentication in use today
  • Challenges associated with common methods including scalability issues, performance challenges and the threat of quantum attacks
  • An introduction to SecureRF security methods that can easily run on a 16-bit processor, in software, without accelerators or additional processor support
  • Why the ultra-low power RL78 MCUs are ideally suited for implementing SecureRF's security solution while minimizing system power requirements and maximizing battery life
  • A demonstration of SecureRF methods on the RL78 highlighting the speed and resource advantages of SecureRF methods versus legacy methods based on ECC

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