Learn about quantum-resistant digital signatures for small, constrained devices

Traditionally, “lightweight cryptography” has focused on symmetric schemes, however, asymmetric methods can also be effective for protecting passive, low power, and IoT devices. SecureRF’s Walnut Digital Signature Algorithm™ (WalnutDSA™) provides a public-key scheme that verifies signatures significantly faster than ECC in both software and hardware, even in small, constrained environments.

 Our presentation and paper covers the following topics and more:

  • The mathematical foundations of WalnutDSA, which includes E-multiplication™, SecureRF’s published one-way function providing protection against quantum attacks
  • The advantages of using WalnutDSA over ECDSA
  • WalnutDSA's performance results in four implementations (three software and one FPGA)
  • Using WalnutDSA in real-world applications

This material was presented by Derek Atkins, SecureRF's Chief Technology Officer, during the NIST Lightweight Cryptographic Workshop 2016.

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