Quantum-resistant Cryptography for the IoT

A Technical Deep Dive on the Mathematics Behind SecureRF's Solutions

Replay the technical overview of SecureRF's protocol implementations and performance metrics for low-resource devices

Customer concerns related to IoT security are becoming more prevalent as IoT becomes more mainstream. However, many companies involved in the production of low-resource IoT devices driven by 32-, 16-, and even 8-bit processors are not able to implement contemporary security solutions with acceptable runtime and resource allocation. 

SecureRF’s asymmetric cryptosystems uniquely provide high-speed security for low-resource IoT devices without overwhelming available memory and power. Based on Infinite Group Theory, the theory of matrices with polynomial entries, and modular arithmetic, SecureRF’s cryptosystems will protect IoT devices when quantum computers are expected to become available and render other cryptographic systems obsolete.

This webinar provides an overview of the math underlying SecureRF’s cryptographic methods. A technical deep-dive of SecureRF’s protocol implementations and performance metrics for low-resource devices reveals code size, RAM usage and other key information. You’ll learn:

  • About the construction and abilities of the Ironwood™ key agreement protocol and WalnutDSA™ digital signature authentication algorithm
  • How SecureRF’s proprietary E-Multiplication™ function provides protection against quantum attacks
  • How SecureRF’s cryptosystems reduce hardware requirements and costs

This webinar originally took place Thursday, December 15, 2016. 


Dr. Iris Anshel, Co-Founder & Chief Scientist, SecureRF
Dr. Anshel is an accomplished mathematician and cryptographer who invented and developed the foundational group theoretic methods that underlie all SecureRF protocols along with Dr. Dorian Goldfeld and Dr. Michael Anshel. Dr. Anshel has extensive experience in the commercialization of security technology. As a co-founder of Arithmetica, she was responsible for documenting methods for the commercial deployment of new cryptography protocols, including the AAG Braid Group Cryptosystem. She is the co-inventor of the core Group Theoretic Cryptography methods used and developed by SecureRF, and is a co-author of the patents on these cryptographically-secure methods.

Derek Atkins, Chief Technology Officer, SecureRF
Mr. Atkins specializes in architecting, designing, developing, and deploying network and systems security applications. Mr. Atkins serves on the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), the Internet standardization body. As a member of the IETF, he was instrumental in the design and standardization of several major Internet protocols, including the OpenPGP and Instant Messaging protocols. He currently serves as chairman of the Open Web Authorization (Oauth) Working Group, and serves on the IETF Security Directorate. Mr. Atkins also served as President of IHTFP Consulting, Inc., an Atlanta-based consulting firm he founded in 2001, which provided Internet and computer system security services.

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